Back on the quest of his life/title]

“Chasing the catafalque” could be the title of Bagdad Djillali Difallah biopic. The discovery of the tomb of Alexander the Great is the result of a work that has lasted more than thirty years and started at first by looking for the sacred relic, better known under the name of: “Ark of the Covenant”.

Obsessed by the secret of the pyramids, tombs and mummies, inexorably, his reading led him to the Ark of the Covenant, the chest containing the tables given by God to Moses during his people exodus three thousand years ago.

“It is described and quoted several times in the Bible, Exodus Chapter 25 ” Parashah Terumah” Verses 10­21, the holy chest is also mentioned in the Quran, specifically in Surah “Al­Baqarah 2”’, The Cow Verse 248, and therefore historically proven by the three great monotheistic religions in the history of mankind, which reinforced my opinion and my belief in the existence of this fabulous relic, having been sought by many adventurers and archaeologists and until today it is the subject of very confidential research by some world powers! Which has led all my research to Jordan because the Kingdom is undoubtedly the center of the historic cradle of humanity.”

While his research has also been carried out in several libraries, historical and cartographic departments in several countries (Syria, Algeria, France, Germany), in order to study some ancient writings, Bagdad Djillali Difallah has done a tremendous job of “visual search” on the ground, in cities of ancient origins, most of them founded by Alexander the Great’s veterans, for major Greco­-Roman archaeological units and remains, undoubtedly related to their place of discovery: ancient fort, central monitoring, multiple devices, lookouts, ancient roads, Temenos, Hellenistic vestige, column bases, presence of ancient sources and reservoirs.