A Passion of Alexander The Great

In 1998, one of his uncles, stationed in Cairo, called him regularly to be at his sides. A boon for the aspiring treasure hunter who had little interest in the classical age of Egypt, but was fascinated by the Ptolemaic dynasty of Macedonian origin who ruled the country until the Roman period.

That time dates his first meeting with Alexander the Great.

The name of this Macedonian king, son of Philip II, appears both in the Bible and in the Quran or in the writings of Roman historians of antiquity. Westerners know him under the name of Alexander. He is called Dul­Qarnayn in the Quran and Iskander in the Arab world. Quickly fascinated by the controversial figure of the hero who died at thirty­two years after conquering the then known world almost from one end to the other. He learned that Alexander the Great had a magnificent funeral, but his tomb, in principle erected in the city of Alexandria, has mysteriously disappeared at the beginning of our era.

After centuries of errors and wandering by archaeologists who believed that the tomb of Alexander the Great was buried in Alexandria or south of Siwa Egypt, he is convinced that it is in Jordan near Amman towards the mountains of Sham …