Safeguarding and Consulting services.

The Difallah Foundation is Ready, Willing and Able to assist and help safeguard our heritage and world culture with the only goal to uncover, share, protect and learn from our past to nourish the future civilizations.

The Difallah Foundation assists Governments, Organizations, Universities, Companies, Museums and any person requesting our knowhow and assistance in the various fields that cover a discovery, expeditions, safeguarding archaeological sites, manuscripts, art and lost knowledge.

The Difallah Foundation has the expertise in Legal matters, History, Archaeology, Economy and Technology for the sole purpose to assist and guide. The Legal Department of the Difallah Foundation works together with and advises several International Organizations and Governments concerning the details, creation and differences in legislations worldwide subject to findings and safeguarding.

For all marine research, expeditions, studies and excavations The Difallah Foundation uses high-end technologies and equipment as well as the experience of our Human Capital, partners and advisors.

The Difallah Foundation will assist at it’s best in all requests concerning Search and Rescue operations (Land, Sea and Air) to save people and history in danger.

To do so, The Difallah Foundation is constantly developing new partnerships, collaborations, ideas and a high-end network of advisors and professionals, volunteers, sponsors and supporters as well as investing in humans, technologies, the best equipment, R&D and Science.