Discovery of the tomb of Alexander the Great

This is the story of a man who, in January 2011, discovers what is in his eyes,”the greatest archaelogical treasure of alltime.” But it took two years for the news to be disclosed and finally made public. The announcement took place on 25 July 2013, at the Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris. Bagdad Djillali Difallah held his first press conference to reveal his incredible discovery.

The press conference of Bagdad Djillali Difallah, already dubbed the “Indiana Jones of the 21st Century”, was held alongside the team project Alexander the Great, Omar AISSAOUI, Mohamed SATISS, Pierre-Yves LUCAS -Lawyer, Jean-Jacques FERNIER, former President of the Institute Courbet, Mostefa MEBARKI, Emir Abdelkader Foundation of Archaeological and Geographical Society.

“One must see it to believe it.” A huge treasure likely to end a long riddle of history. This mysterious discovery, was it going to be added to a long list of inaccurate or unsubstantiated declarations? How many untested assumptions or false advertisements are related to that tomb? As expert, Baghdad Djillali Difallah exposed scrupulously one by one to the press all the elements that supported his conclusion as the discoverer.

The presence of Greek and Macedonian gods and staggering amounts of gold statues, vessels and diamonds, bullions without forgetting the chariot around a sarcophagus, remained unspoiled. “A setting which shows that everything was arranged to receive the king.” Photos and videos in support, he presented evidence of this feat achieved after 15 years of research and risks of all kinds.

I leave you free to think what you want, but I am convinced that it is the tomb of Alexander the Great, all the criteria converge.

A captivating story worthy of adventurers of modern times. On two occasions, in particular, equipped with an oxygen mask and a makeshift lamp, Bagdad Djillali Difallah expressed his “indescribable emotion” when entering the rooms where the treasures were lying after taking incredible corridors. How amazing it was to be suddenly facing the golden sarcophagus decorated with a royal eagle, ready to take off . “I was there after years of expectation of this fabulous moment.”

Will the adventurer of modern times stop there?

“It’s been three years since I carried this burden, it frees me that the whole world knows, it was time for me to reveal it. I am relieved to have made public my discovery, it was buried deep in me as an archaeological relic. But this treasure belongs to the heritage of humanity.” By this comment, a tremor in the voice, Bagdad Djillali Difallah concluded his lecture. He recalled that this is now up to the Jordanian authorities to “recognize” this reality. The location will be revealed by the Kingdom of Jordan. Jordanian archaeologists will organize excavations to formalize his discovery. “I will have a feeling of complete achievement when the tomb is opened under the auspices of the King of Jordan. Is not the Kingdom in possession of one of the greatest treasures in the world?”

Where is the tomb?

Visionary, the “self­taught archaeologist,” as he defines himself, is already thinking about what “this tomb means in terms of peace in this region, but also in terms of cultural history.” And he recalls that Alexander the Great is also mentioned in the Quran. “Theologians will study with the hope that my discovery will carry the unity of the conveyed message.”

The question was on the lips of the journalists. The site is secure, it will be up to the King of Jordan to reveal the location, he said.

Discovery to universal benefits. Declaration of the discovery of the tomb of Alexander the Great, to King Abdullah II of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, was made January 3, 2011, at the Royal Palace in Amman, in the presence of the Ambassador of Jordan in Paris. After reporting his discovery to the King for the recognition of his efforts, “BagdadJones” wrote to institutions such as the Arab League, the European Union, the UN, UNESCO, the Ministry of Culture in France …