Fostering and Children in care.

The Difallah Foundation is developing partnerships in the IT and Finance sectors for the creation of a new digital platform to facilitate, enable and promote the fostering and caring of children in need worldwide.

The new digital platform will be like a social content management network easy to use and educational for all parties involved.

The new digital platform will be a tool for the development of communication and follow-up between the Fostering parent(s), Company or Organization.

Everybody can foster a Child, a Family or a Community with the ability to communicate, follow-up and share the joy of fostering through the use of the new digital platform.

The Difallah Foundation wishes to bring all people involved closer and direct to each other by using the technology that’s available today for the sole purpose of making fostering and caring easier and totally transparent.

The new digital platform will allow everybody to connect with their foster child or project through the use of the internet or by other communication means.

You will be able to talk, see and share the happiness with your fostered child or project. You will be able to follow-up your transactions and the results of your sharing.

Fostering and Caring becomes a daily joy thanks to the new digital platform giving you the ability to log in and enjoy the happiness you’ve created in a distant place on this planet.

Invest in Your future and in Humanity through fostering and caring.