Sea explorations

Cdt. Fourcault

The CDT. FOURCAULT is custom designed and capable of a wide variety of missions including but not limited to search & rescue, salvage, dive expeditions as well as any other expeditions. The ship is primarily used as a nautical archaeology research platform capable of housing a crew of 50, sailing .
Captain Pim De Rhoodes is Gen. Manager, trimix rebreather diver inspiration & ouroboros, instructor, technical manager, manager logistics.non stop for 45 day


The CDT. FOURCAULT can host up to 50 people and bring you and your crew all over the world. Do you have plans to visit Iceland and its surroundings, go to Greece and its islands? Do you have a project on the ocean where you need the necessary support from a ship? We can provide all services up to deck helicopter flights.

Dive support

Our vessel is extremely well equipped to offer support in (deep) dive operations and also include a decompression chamber as well as a high capacity compressor. Our crew also has extensive experience with rebreathers as well as classic diving gear. We can host up to 50 people, bring your dive crew all over the world and locate and find your wreck sites with great precision. Our unique diver retrieval system ensures that you can dive with rougher wave conditions than many other dive support vessels. We have done support for underwater documentary expeditions with professional film crews.

Marine Archaeology

Underwater archaeology studies the past through any submerged remains be they of maritime interest or not. These may consist of artefacts, ships and shipwrecks as well as seabed sampling. We have  cooperated with different organizations and universities in finding and retrieval of historic artefacts that are further investigated by these organizations

Anti-Pollution Response

Our mission is to participate in protection and preservation of the eco system of our planet. Its activities cover our seas and oceans by applying oil spill response using antipollution equipment, pumping of oil from grounded or/and sunken vessels and waste management services (collection, storage, transportation, disposal) of heavy residues, oils, sludges and chemicals.