Mr. Bagdad Djillali Difallah

At 10, he dreamed of being an archaeologist. Bagdad Djillali Difallah accompanied his father, navvy in the city of Paris to work in old buildings which required the visit and the presence of archaeologists. His vocation was then revealed. Over fifty, he lived a waking dream.
“Happiness, have his childhood dreams come true.” He endorsed the motto of Alfred de Vigny.

  • Specialist detection system, thermal remote sensing as well as tools and geo-radar, radar
  • Consultant and specialist archaeological and historical research in Northern Africa, the Middle and Far East
  • Self-educated Egyptologist and archaeologist for over thirty years
  • Numerous works, archaeological studies and historical research of buried treasures and artifacts.
  • Egyptologist for pre-Pharaonic and ancient times
  • Cartography expert

An extraordinary memory and an implacable sense of deduction allow Bagdad Djillali Difallah to address each issue in a different way of approaching classic archaeological techniques.