The dream of many nations, organizations and individuals since 2000 years was to discover the Holy Grail in Archaeology and History meaning the most mythic Emperor of all time: “Alexander the Great”.

This dream has become reality thanks to the real “Indiana Jones” called Mr. Bagdad Djillali Difallah also called “Bagdad Jones”!

The apotheoses of a lifetime destined to find ‘The Tomb of tombs’ beholding the most wanted, respected and enigmatic Ruler of our known history.
Jiji, as most people like to call Mr. Difallah, started his active search 30 years ago looking for “The Arc of Moses” . Ten years ago he realized there was a link between “Alexander The Great” and “The Arc of Moses”. The search changed instantly!!
This was the start of an incredible adventure, a rollercoaster of intensive events and magical coincidences, happiness and tears of suffering. Facing life and dead, patience, disbelief and disrespect became a daily routine.


Jiji realized his Crazy Dream!! He found the sealed “Tomb of Alexander the Great” in Jordan!

The tomb is filled with other dignitaries and was untouched until Jiji entered. The first man that entered and saw “Alexander the Great” in his sarcophagus since 2000 years. The end of a long search has finally ended for the world thanks to one man pursuing his dream and who is looking forward to sharethis with the world. Jiji wants to share his story and his experiences. He wants to share the keys and steps that solved this Historical Enigma. And doing so helping to find other hidden treasures of our past.
A magical moment, an amazing discovery in our history which will bring us new views and incredible insights of our real past. An overload of new information, knowledge, art, writings, DNA, answers to missing links and so much more!

For Jiji and his friends to continue to endeavor in the search of our past and the will to preserve and promote ancient history and cultural as well as the ability to do Humanitarian assistance, there was a need and will to create the DIFALLAH FOUNDATION.

The DIFALLAH FOUNDATION was founded with several departments to cover their common aspirations and future endeavours.

The DIFALLAH FOUNDATION’s primary goal is to assist as much as possible in the creation of a World of Peace and Happiness.

The DIFALLAH FOUNDATION has 2 mayor occupations;

  1. Uncover ancient history to share it and thereby creating awareness and understanding. Preserve ancient culture and document as much as possible for humanity to enjoy and share.
  2. We love to help others in an intelligent and humane way. We are all grateful for our personal experiences and knowledge and are more than happy to share and assist to make this world a better place for everybody in tune with Mother Nature. To do so we approach humanitarian assistance in a different intelligent way

The DIFALLAH FOUNDATION has all the required knowledge and technology for Land, Sea and Air expeditions. Search and Rescue as well as Logistics and Assistance.

And most important is our Human Capital!

The energy of the Foundation are the ideas and Humans crossing or joining and helping us in our adventure. Surrounded by Top Advisors and partners in various fields, the DIFALLAH FOUNDATION is always well guided and hands on!

The DIFALLAH FOUNDATION is constantly developing its international network of partners, collaborators and donators for our expeditions and our Humanitarian projects worldwide. This can be you!
We have a high-end network of Governments, Foundations, Decision makers, Historians, Archaeologists, Researchers, Developers, Volunteers, Producers, Artists and Creators……..

The DIFALLAH FOUNDATION does it in a special way since it is fun what we do, the way we do it!
All for the Foundation’s goal to make it a little bit better every day.